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If we know anything about Mayfair it will be that since 1686 the area has gone from strength to strength.  You won’t find as many luxury hotels packed into any other area of London like in Mayfair. My very personal favourite has to be Claridge’s but I guess that opinion has been influenced by the many cocktails that I and my girlfriends enjoy there. I would love to live in the Le Meridien Piccadilly it looks spectacular from the outside and even better on the inside genuinely friendly staff, pop in for a visit you will love it.

Mayfair Escorts we are in a league of our own, there is something extra special about us. Put us in a room with other London escorts and you will instantly be able to pick us out in crowd. You may not live in Mayfair but if you do then you know that you have the very best within easy reach and we’re not just stunning but also smart classy ladies that can’t wait to meet you. Enjoy all the best restaurants, shop in the very exclusive stores that line the streets of Mayfair and then enjoy the company of a Mayfair escorts in your luxurious hotel suite.

You may have noticed that we don’t have any tube stations directly inside Mayfair but there’s more than a handful of them on the borders of Mayfair.  Such as Marble Arch, Bond Street, Oxford Circus, Piccadilly Circus, Green Park and Hyde Park corner. It’s such a beautiful clean area that you really need to take time out and have a stroll and enjoy yourself instead of being stuck on the tube.

We have thought of everything you may need and want from an escort and wrapped it up in a pretty package and neat bow. It takes hard work but it’s definitely worth it, regular appointments at the beauty salon and hairdressers and on trend with the latest fashion and lingerie, and let’s not forget about toys, everything down to the smallest detail.

We are like a great big family of escorts who spend a lot of time together and keep in touch through twitter that way we all know what one and other are doing at any given time and it really helps us keep in touch. It could be jogging through Green Park or cocktails at Claridge’s one tweet and we are all set, it couldn’t be easier.

We love Mayfair and we know you will too it’s a great big playground just for adults! X


Plum Island Conspiracy theory

Plum Island is not really a conspiracy becasue a conspiracy theory means that it does not necessarily have enough facts to back up the truth which means that it is only a “theory”. Plum Island is only about 3 miles log and located a few miles away from the main land. The United states bought the island at around the time of the Spanish American war around the end of the 19th Century which it was then used as a fort for coastal artillery defence: this was opened in 1897 so that indicates when the Island was bought by the US. Plum Island was used for this purpose right up until the 1952/4 when is was commissioned to the United States department of agriculture and named the Plum Island Animal Disease centre which apparently was dedicated to protecting animal livestock from diseases in the United States but the truth was a little different than what the public knew…

A view of Plum Island from the sky:


Here is how far away it from the main land:


During this period it was the cold war and the USA believed that they were under threat from communist countries such as Cuba, Russia and those threats were very real indeed. The biggest of these threats was Nuclear warfare, if it were to happen.. Except it was very unlikely when you think about it because both sides would be destroyed, in fact the whole world probably… The problem is enemies to the United states had a whole host of different tactics which could be deployed on the sly to destroy a nations fighting force, one of them being the threat of destroying the food supply. The conspiracy with plum Island is how they continued to develop biological weapons of war after the cold war which could be transferred to humans.

During the early days of plum Island the people they had working for them would be questionable by anyone’s standards. Erich Traub was a German Virologist who was originally high up in Hitlers third Reich. He studied using using a variety of techniques to transfer diseases from animals to soldiers as a way to defeat the enemy,  he infected ticks, fleas, spiders and beetles with terrible, fast acting and highly contagious diseases/pathoges such as Cholera, meningitis and many, many more. After the second world war he was hired by the united states and put in charge of the plum island facility and that is when the strange happenings started.


Do you find it a little wired that the first out breaks a lime Disease where not too far away from Plum island back in 1975? Well that is the thing; lime disease spreads from ticks to humans and this is exactly the type of research which Eric Traub had specialized in only a couple of miles down the road.  Lime Disease is named after the town it was first found in: Old Lyme . If  you put the two together it is really obvious because there really are no other explanations.

Security problems:

At a facility which houses some of most deadly diseases in the world so you would think that they would have the most professional and high tech security in the world but, this does not seem to be the case; in fact it looks like do not really care. Scientists who work at the island travel back to the main land every day after working with deadly diseases, if they were to be infected by anything it could put the whole nation at risk. In 1991 the facility was privatised to the lowest bidder in order to make spending cuts but to still carry out the research it was still owned by the US government. During that year Hurricane bob hit plum Island which cases a massive power cut which wiped out the Island power supply, ever the back-up generator.

According reports from a scientist who got fired becasue he dared to explain the severe security problems to the big wigs.  What he said was the power was off for several hours becasue there were no technicians on the Island due to the spending cuts. the diseases are so powerful they need to be kept in a negative atmosphere, obviously there was none becasue the power was off and do you know what the solution was? Duct tape! This is level of security which is deployed here, kind of worrying because the general population of London escorts does not know anything about it so if there was an outbreak no body would even see it coming.


the “montauk monster”.

This the creature known as the “montauk monster”.  It was found washed up at the Shore in the district of monktauk which is where it gained its name from, still nobody knows exactly where it  came from. Some people say that it is a creature which escaped from Plum island and was washed up on the shore.


It seems like a far reached claim but, when you look a the proximity of plum Island to where the creature was discovered the dark conspiracy becomes a little more truthful.  Some people say that it is raccoon or a sea turtle but it doesn’t look like either of these.

So what is going on a plum Island? If all of what i said was true it is pretty scary to me?

fast forward to 2010 a new horrific discovery was found, this time it was a human body, i could have just been a suicide or an unfortunate accident but, the weird thing is the man had extremely long fingers, and after he was discovered and word spread men i bio harzard suits and police escorts came a took the body away which in itself is pretty questionable.

This is only picture of the body getting taken away:


This conspiracy just keeps getting better and better: June 19th 2012 headline: “Top Level Bio security Lab to move to Kansas if Approved”

If this happens it could results in a devastating outcome because as we all know Kansas has a lot of tornadoes and supplies a lot of the USA’s meat products.


Please comment what you think on this

Denver International Airport Conspriacy

Denver International Airport or DIA, as it is known locals is the largest airport in America and the second largest in the world taking around 53,156,278 passengers to various locations across the United States and international every year.  The Airport was thought of during the 1980’s and was only completed in 1994 due to many delays in the construction, and from the beginning of construction until today is where the strange and questionable things started to occur at this airport.  firstly Denver actually already had an airport which was perfectly adequate for the task called Stapleton Airport which was located 6 miles away from the city and was large enough to cope with the traffic. The problems which were claimed to be adequate enough to require a Billion Dollar DIA project were:

Not enough room for planes (apparently)

A lawsuit over Air traffic noise

Legal Threats of Adams county to block a run way extension.

Even though these were the only reasons the New airport was commissioned.. really? These were the only reasons to build an airport which would end up costing the US public 4.8 Billion dollars? Here in the UK, Manchester airport needed to more room for planes and a new run way which meant homes had to be moved, they did not decide to build a new airport 25 miles away. no. What they did was contend the lawsuit and pay residents who would be affected, problem solved. In my opinion this was a very strange move to build an airport so far away from Denver because after all you are wanting to make journeys easier for people right?

The conspiracy is that Denver airport was a government project to build a huge underground bunker for something like the end of the world or eventual government collapse, the airport being a cover for the huge construction project. This is all good and well because after all why would the government want you to know about where they are hiding? Especially enemies of the state or anyone that wants to do harm to the government which to me makes prefect sense.  What people are concerned about is all of the strange symbolism which you can find around the airport: lets just assume that there is a bunker under DIA which people of importance can fly to and make their get away underground but, is there some knowledge that we do not not know? Maybe an imminent threat to the humanity?


This is the first thing that you will see when travelling to DIA, it is called “El Mesteno” or the “Mustang” which stands at 32 foot high and has glowing red eyes. Looks pretty sinister right?  Some people refer to this monument as the Lucifer horse (connoting the devil in Christianity) and some even simply refer to it as the “Zombie horse”, because it looks really angry with its eyes and bulging veins. Some people think that it is a bad omen to the city of Denver and anyone who sees it; i myself am not too superstitious but, there is some truth to it because the guy who designed the horse (Luis Jimenez)  was killed as a large piece of the horse fell and crush him during the construction.


This is not the only satanic like structure though:


This is famous Anubis or the Egyptian god of the dead as it is know to the western world, this 26 foot statue was installed in 2011.  In mythology he is the protector of the dead and their tombs during the after life which the Egyptians believed in religiously, the question is why did they install this particular statue? That i do not know the answer to but, it certainly surrounds something to do with death becasue the designers could have chosen any sculptures but they chose these two which to me can not be just a coincidence; they have been put here for a reason. I am not sure that i want to know the answer to this one.

It gets a lot worse:


As you enter the airport this is what you are greeted with, well at least you were becasue it was removed a couple or years ago becasue people did not like the look of it.  It does look absolutely beautiful though doesn’t it? NOT! If you take a closer looks that the mural it tells a story, one which is of the end of the world or something like an apocalypse which is of the end of the world.  You can see refugees moving into the large figure who is wearing a Nazi uniform, this figure is wielding a large sword and stabbing a dove which symbolizes killing of all peace in the world. This mural would be appropriate is a holocaust memorial not an airport where travelers looking for Asian escorts in London are hoping for a safe journey and not to die.

There really are not to many clear answers as to why all of this strange material exists around DIA, there is one plaque which may give some clues as to what the hell is going on here. It  is very weird how the murals on the walls depict a Nazi soldier and how the runways  are in the shape of a large Nazi symbol:


The answers of these questions may lie in a small plaque which is located close to the entrance of the door:


OK i did Lie a little bit because this plaque does not give you any answers really it just creates more questions and adds the conspiracy. The plaque looks pretty normal to be honest; you know commending the governors of Colorado for their efforts to make the airport, what is unusual is the time casual which is located underneath this plaque and should only be opened in 100 years from the construction of Denver international airport. Ok it may be a little sensational say that a time casual is something sinister but what lies towards the bottom is quite weird: “The New world Airport Commission” what is this?  After simple Google search you only find articles talking about this symbol. Maybe they could be referring to the new world order, which obviously has links to the end of the world?

The Freemasons symbol (who are related to the new world order, just Google them)  is also in the center of the plaque.

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